Monday, October 17, 2016

Christine Rendina received a BFA in photography from Columbia College, Chicago, and it was there that she learned the complex gum bichromate process, invented in 1890 by Robert Demachy, an influencial Parisian painter and photographer. After graduating, she worked as a theatrical photographer in Seattle, and began to develop her personal work exclusively using the gum bichromate process in a series titled, Nude in Landscape. She exhibited her work on the West Coast and then moved to London in 1985, where  she developed her unique style  using the gum bichromate technique in  both her personal and commercial commissions and worked for  a wide range of British clients in design and advertising.She began exhibiting her personal work in London and France and while traveling in Spain, began her ongoing Spanish Landscape series, which she has exhibited throughout Spain. She also took part in the UK  visiting artist program, and gave conferences and   workshops  on the historical and contemporary aspects throughout Britian. In 1989, she was commissioned by various  architects and  product designers in Madrid and Barcelona to collaborate on different  projects in the food and editorial  sector and in 1991, moved to Madrid, where she is currently living.
 She began her series, Greek mythology in 1994, inspired by the ancient mythological statues while traveling in Greece, and Pompei, Italy.


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Christine, do you come from the future? ("September 07 2012")

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